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        Due to the work involved and the fact that we subsidise the postage cost - the minimum order we can accept is £100 (excluding postage.)


        Please ensure you read our terms and conditions prior to placing any orders. If you place an order it is understood that you are accepting our terms as stated.


        It is preferable to email us prior to placing an order to discuss an agreeable posting date etc.


        Customers who we have not dealt with before (and from certain countries) will be asked to pay via a bank to bank transfer or via PayPal ‘Friends and Family’. Once their creditability has been established future orders can be made via regular Pay Pal.



        Shop update.


        We have recently arrived back in Thailand and will be here now until the end of March. Over this time our shop will remain open and we will be adding species as and when they become available.

        We have found that a few days of cooler conditions will not do the colonies any harm. Hence shipments to cold climate countries will proceed as long as no adverse weather is forecast around delivery time. (Note: It is the customer’s responsibility to notify us of expected adverse weather.)


        The list of species shown on our shop page are the species we regularly offer for sale throughout the year. However; due to the seasonal availability different species are available at different times of the year. To give you a better idea of what will likely be available over the next few months we have adjusted the order of the species shown - moving those that are likely to become available over the next few months to the top of the shop page. The other species shown are more likely to become available from May onwards.


        Note: Due to very good sales over the past month a lot of our stock has now been sold. We are in the process of finding new stock and hope to have a wider range available by the end of January.



Species for sale - 2018

Common name: 'The Asian Army Ant.'
Carebara diversa.
Common name: 'The Queenless Ponerine Ant.'
Diacamma rugosum.
Common name: 'The Giant Ponerine Ant.'
Diacamma scalpratum.
Common name: 'The Durian Ant.'
Dolichoderus thoracicus.
Common name: 'The Asian Trap Jaw Ant.'
Odontomachus rixosus.
Common name: 'The Tropical Asian Fire Ant.'
Solenopsis geminata.
Common name: 'The Bicoloured Arboreal Ant.'
Tetraponera rufonigra.
Common name: 'The Yellow Crazy Ant.'
Anoplolepis gracilipes.