We have tried several different postal services over the past years and taking into consideration the speed of delivery and cost have found that Thailand’s 'Express Mail Service' is the most efficient.

         This provides an online 'track and trace' facility - which enables customers to follow the orders progress and allows us to confirm that delivery has been made.


         For orders sent from Thailand the amount of postage charged will depend on the total amount of the order and destination. The list below is a brief resume of our postage conditions:


         1) The minimum order value that we will send from Thailand is £100. (Excluding postage).


         2) Postage for orders from £100 to £300 will be £25.


         3) Orders being sent to the Netherlands and Czech Republic will have a £5 postage surcharge.


         4) For orders between £300 and £500 the postage will be £15.


         5) For all orders over £500 postage will be free.  


         The actual postage amount will be shown when you select an item from our shop page.  


        If there is anything you do not understand about our postal charges or require a personal quote - please contact us before placing an order.