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Species available


         There are many different tropical ant species to be found in Asia, however only a limited number are suitable for keeping in captivity. Some species are so small that observation is extremely difficult and others because of their habits are unable to survive in normal captive enclosures. With this in mind we have decided not to offer every single species we can obtain just to be able to say we offer 'x' number of species for sale - but to concentrate on offering quality colonies of interesting species which are easily kept in captivity.

         We have a standard range of species available that we can obtain regularly and will be adding more as and when we find different species that respond well to being kept in captivity.

         We are in most cases cultivating the colonies on to larger sizes than are offered for sale elsewhere; as we have found that many tropical species require more skill to care for. In many cases in selling a queen with just a few workers there is a higher risk of colony failure before they can settle down and start breeding. Obviously some genera such as Camponotus are easier to care for and smaller colonies will settle down quickly - but others like Carebara (Pheidologeton) are notoriously difficult to establish from a queen and a few workers.


Colony size


         The number of workers stated is an estimate. While with some genera such as Diacamma it is relatively easy to count the number of workers, with others such as Pheidologeton it is extremely difficult. The actual number of workers may vary by plus or minus ten percent of the number stated - but in most cases you will receive more.

         All colonies are sent out with their existing brood and although most species take great care of their brood some genera such as Diacamma and Odontomachus are notorious for consuming their brood during transit.




         The cost of our colonies reflect the number of colonies that we have in stock, how easy they are to care for - and the length of time that we have had to care for them in captivity before being able to offer them for sale.

         Note: All prices quoted are in UK Pounds Sterling.




         We conduct extensive research to ensure that the species offered are identified correctly and the scientific names given are to the best of our knowledge correct.

         However, due to the complexities in identifying some species and their many variants - we accept no liability for species found to be incorrectly identified.


Age restrictions


         Many tropical ants are easily kept and handled without any problems, but there are a few species which when provoked are capable of delivering a painful sting.  

         Although in normal circumstances hobbyists will not usually have to actually handle the ants there is always the possibility of accidents and unplanned escapes where subsequent miss-handling could result in the hobbyist getting stung!

         We feel that certain species we stock should not be offered for sale to younger hobbyists - so you will find that some species on our shop page are offered with a proviso that the customer should be of a certain age. Hence when taking orders for these species we may ask for proof of age before accepting an order.